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Denis Romanov

The rules of the "Main Section"

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In addition to the general rules, the "Main section" has additional rules. In the section it is forbidden:

  • The topic name should be informative and provide an opportunity to understand the content of the topic before reading the message.
  • Abuse of pictures (For example: "Facepalm", "smiley memes", etc.)
  • The publication of links to other sites is permissible only to confirm the opinion expressed by the author of the message. The publication of links to other sites for advertising and self-promotion is prohibited.
  • Conducting personal blogs.
  • Placement of ads for the provision of any services, recruitment to a team, etc.
  • Placement of full video recordings, trailers, as well as any fragments from films, shows, serials, etc.
  • Creation of groups, communities, clubs, etc. To do this, there is a section of clans and teams of the corresponding games.
  • Use of userbars. Due to the fact that the forum does not support signatures, the use of pictures in messages leads to an additional flood when quoting them.
  • Placement of any third-party software without its preliminary verification by the administration.
  • Create themes in order to demonstrate any picture or video.
  • Create themes in order to ask one single question. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the topic "Question-answer".
  • Ideas and suggestions on the forum are not considered. For this purpose, a special section has been created.

The section is intended for discussions and conversations on general topics regarding Counter-strike, but this does not mean that the administration allows the creation of topics absolutely for any reasons. Before creating a new topic, think about whether it will be interesting to the community.


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