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Denis Romanov

Rules for creating a CS:GO team on the forum

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1. Creation of a team on the forum

1.1. To create a team on the forum and get the status of "Confirmed Team" you need at least 3 players including the chapter.
1.2. The name of the team should not: violate the rules of the forum and the legislation of the Russian Federation; repeat the names of existing commands or known closed commands, parody them; Provide a provocative message in any form; contain the word "command" (in any language).
1.3. The head is the player who created the theme of the new team. The deputy head of the team is the player appointed by the head.
1.4. The head, like the rest of the players, should be at least in the second level league, "BRONZE 4".
1.5. The chapter creates the theme of the team. In a new topic, the head should immediately post the composition of the team in the first message: at least 2 players in addition to himself, links to the game profile from the site.
1.6. Within 3 days all players in the team must confirm their participation.
1.7. The team may be closed if its head has not placed the squad or the players have not confirmed participation in the team at the due date.
1.8. The team can be closed, if during the confirmation of the membership in the team the players transferred each other accounts.
1.9. The team may be closed if its chapter was blocked for violation of the Game Rules, or banned for a long period (a month or more), or more than 2 months did not appear on the forum.
1.10. In the absence of the head of the team at the forum and / or the game for more than 1 month, the team management can be transferred to the deputy head, provided the team players are active: team participation in closed tournaments.

2. Team composition, participation in tournaments

2.1. In the first message of the team topic, the head must maintain the current team list.
2.2. To participate in closed tournaments, a player does not have the right to switch from team to team after receiving an invitation to a closed tournament. Such a player will be banned for a period of 7 days, and the team that accepted such a player is disqualified, and the players' money is canceled.
2.3. Notify the head of the team about his withdrawal from the team, in the specially created, the head of the team, for this team topic on the forum, the player himself or the removal of the team from the team.
2.4. To supplement the team with new players, the head or the deputy head of the team in the topic "Announcements about recruiting players and joining a team in CS:GO".
2.5. In official tournaments teams can participate, according to the Rules of a particular tournament.
2.6. In closed tournaments, teams registered on the forum in the "Command section" section may participate not later than 1 week before the start of the registration for the tournament. At the discretion of the organizers, teams may be allowed to the tournament with a later registration on the forum.
2.7. In the event that the team closes during the tournament without completing their games, or after receiving an invitation (link) to a closed tournament, the head of such a team has no right to create a new team within a month.

3. Advantages of creating a team on the forum

3.1. The opportunity to participate in closed tournaments with an increased coefficient of the prize fund compared to regular tournaments. The warning about a new closed tournament will be reported to the heads of the teams using the forum mailing in PM (private messages).
3.2. The winners of the closed tournaments will be highlighted in the official news on

4. Requirements for obtaining a team license

To obtain a team license, the team leader must submit a request in a special topic at the forum, in the topic "Obtaining a team license." The request must specify:

The composition of the team, in the form of links to the profile, must be at least 5 players, including the chapter.
Win at least 50 5x5 tournaments and provide a list in the form of links to tournaments, in which there were victories of this team.
The head, like the rest of the players, must be at least in the league of the fourth level, "BRONZE 1".

5. Advantages for licensed teams

5.1. All licensed teams will be in the ranking of teams, the number of wins in tournaments, and one best team in the number of victories in the final battle of the tournament, which will be able to hold out in the team rating of 2 months, will receive a secret gift from the administration of
5.2. The licensed team will be assigned to the first page of the command section, which will only increase the interest and popularity of the team for the fans.
5.3. The best licensed teams will be able to take part in the drawing of seats on e-sports tournaments, with the official support of
5.4. All closed tournament battles of the most top-rated teams, as rated by the time of the closed tournament, will be broadcast on the official stream-channels of the site


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