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Denis Romanov

How correctly to complain about a problem?

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First of all, make sure that your problem is unique, because someone before you could complain about it and get an answer. Therefore, before creating a new topic:
 - Look in the section "FAQ - Knowledgebase";
 - Use search
 - Scroll through two or three pages of the section, find suitable topics and read them (if necessary, unsubscribe using the recommendations below).
What if you did not find a similar solution to your problem or what to write in an existing topic?
1. If your problem is unique and you create a new topic, you need to give it the most informative title. No "Help!", "Problem!", "Help!" Should not be;
2. Indicate your nickname in the game;
3. As much as possible fully describe the problem, if possible, attach a screenshot or video. Messages like "I have a bug out!" Will not help us understand what happened to you.
4. Try to specify the following in your message:
  a) the version of the operating system and browser, the version and name of the game, the version of the antivirus;
  b) the way (ADSL, WiFi, cable, other) and the speed of Internet connection;
  c) if the Internet is enabled through a router (and / or modem) - its model;
5. If you complain about low FPS in the game or delays in the interface, add also:
  d) the type of processor (preferably fully) and its operating frequency;
  e) the amount of RAM;
  e) the model of the video adapter and the version of its driver;
  g) screen resolution.
6. If there are suspicions of network problems (network logs), it is necessary to perform basic diagnostics of connection with servers and add results to your topic.
Please do not unsubscribe in topics where the symptoms of the problem are different from yours;
Write to the moderators personally is not worth it, in the public part of the forum with your disaster will cope much faster and more efficiently;
Do not disappear, safely solving your problem. Describe the topic of the results;
For your ideas and suggestions there is a special resource.


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